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Secrets of the Wii U GamePad (Archived)
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when is nintendo direct in uk (Archived)thefabregas2235/17/2013
EA launched with more titles on WiiU then Nintendo did. (Discussion inside) (Archived)Caliaztec105/17/2013
Well I guess i'll give my two bits on the YT fiasco. (Archived)Rival_Blue_199935/16/2013
Precursor Games: Cryengine 3 "Fully Supports Wii U." (Archived)
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Gamestop is okay, but Let's Players are evil? (Archived)AwayFromHere95/16/2013
Nintendo has the wii u vc all figured out. (Archived)
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EA named worst company in America (AGAIN) (Archived)tigg0665/16/2013
Are the 30 cents VC games going to continue all year? (Archived)milhouseVH25/16/2013
How many games Nintendo is running with that ID content system? (Archived)Chenmaster245/16/2013
Super Metroid being our last 30 cent game is kinda a bummer. (Archived)Caliaztec85/16/2013
Proud of me? (Archived)ChiefBeatsSamus45/16/2013
So what resolution is the image in the tablet in Off-TV play? (Archived)srsgamer8725/16/2013
I sure am glad the Wii U isn't having the problem the Wii did (Archived)CaoNiMa6935/16/2013
Nintenception: Put advertising in free advertising and screw over best fans. (Archived)
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what does lper mean? (Archived)
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A topic to Nintendo: How to fix 3D Mario (Archived)
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Will Iwata be on NCL or NoA direct? (Archived)YoyokuKO35/16/2013
Will you LP Nintendo games now? (Poll)
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SC:Blacklist V. AC4 V. Watch Dog V Batman Arkham Origin wich r ya most excited 4 (Poll)
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