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Perhaps Nintendo should bring back the 80s "Now you're playing with Power" (Archived)enigmamj96/23/2013
Watch dogs will be a game that wil make or break the Wii U in terms of graphics. (Archived)
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Super Mario 3D World is a more "real" Mario game than SM64 or Sunshine (Archived)
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Why do people say 3D World is a port of 3D Land? (Archived)
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This 3DS port Mario game is nice and all but... (Archived)
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You know, in the end, it doesn't matter which console wins (Archived)
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Want a cliche, unimaginative JRPG? Well, here's your chance! (Archived)
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Do you think Nintendo relies far too much on their Mario franchise? (Archived)Scarecrow171166/23/2013
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Never had a wii, feeling like I need to atleast play the best 1st party titles.. (Archived)Nihilist76/23/2013
The more I watch the E3 videos for upcoming games, the more I pity the haters (Archived)
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Women will lead the game console sales this holiday. WiiU advantage. (Archived)
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Nintendo is the greatest video game company of all time. (Archived)Latino_King106/23/2013
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If 3D World's SP lets you choose your character, who are you making your main? (Poll)
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