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With this board's ongoing war, let's have some honest polling on availability. (Poll)
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Do you ever think about future generations of gamers? (Archived)Magikoopa21312/11/2012
If only you could display tv on the gamepad. (Archived)wiisixty212/11/2012
Games that focus on multiplayer (Archived)Soluix512/11/2012
Is there Final Fantasy games on Wii U? (Archived)
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Video Review: Nintendo Land (Archived)paleselan712/11/2012
Transfering multiple Wii's to a WiiU? (Archived)GetPhiledIn212/11/2012
Megwin the Monster Hunter/ Why Japanese People Love Monster Hunter (Archived)
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Wii U or Xbox 360? (Archived)
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Trade Metroid for Halo (Poll)
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I thought the assassin's creed 3 DLC came out this week? Its not in Eshop (Archived)DrDoomsday812/11/2012
Estimate Japan's total first weeks sales of the WiiU... (Archived)b1gt0ne912/11/2012
Adult Wii U user looking for Wii U/ Miiverse friends. (Archived)
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MY friend says this is whats RIGHT ON about the Wii U (Archived)TheApd_Returns412/11/2012
So many fanboys on this board... (Archived)
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zombie u impressions (Archived)
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NO ONE has be able to figure this controller dilemma (please help!) (Archived)RebornLS212/11/2012
Which racing game do U want? (Poll)
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Give me an awesome VC or HD metroid Prime or trilogy and im in (Archived)ArtVandelay84112/11/2012
Are retro games available in the Wii U Store? (Archived)hoagieman482112/11/2012