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So, no way of using money on the Wii U eshop on the 3ds eshop? (Archived)lolcopter133787112/1/2012
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Green light when disc inserted still on in standby (Archived)NEILELLIE812/1/2012
did eshop get updated? anything good? (Archived)MetalGearNaruto112/1/2012
Unless Nintendo expands Retro, we will only get 2 or 3 Retro games this gen (Archived)
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Do not buy a second gamepad if/when they launch, wait for the XL one! (Archived)jesse7150512/1/2012
RUMOR: Behind the scenes with first party hardware and third party software. (Archived)Xcalibur02312/1/2012
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Gold Nunchuk Returns To North American Club Nintendo In January (Archived)sknmak412/1/2012
:( gamepad needs fixin' but I know how much they cost now (Archived)Kuebel33112/1/2012
It's weird how the OS is so slow, yet Netflix and the Web Browser are so fast (Archived)Phange 2512/1/2012
Anyone know who does these Wii U videos? (Archived)
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Internet is only working in web browser (Archived)Willy3112/1/2012
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Does anyone else turn the gamepad screen off to conserve battery life. (Archived)
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Am I missing something with the whole friend list thing? (Archived)Menion Leah512/1/2012
Wii U is screaming RTS (Archived)
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My Stolen Wii U - YODEL/HDNL (plus UK Netflix question) (Archived)
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