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I hope this new Sonic game is about finding the assasin (Archived)fissionprimer35/28/2013
why hasn't nintendo done the used drm game thing? (Archived)Genericgamer66755/28/2013
If Sonic Lost World, Mario U , Wonderful 101, WW:HD, Mario Kart U and... (Archived)Ccrules279165/28/2013
Do you think Sonic will be in the next Smash Bros. now? (Archived)raimi_ace25/28/2013
Yakuza's series future on the wii U hangs on you (Archived)
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I would like for the next Metroid game to be more like the Prime games. (Archived)
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What are some fun demos on the WiiU now? (Archived)Teremei85/28/2013
They should make a "new" Sonic the Hedgehog (Archived)TheFallenPriest65/28/2013
Why is it so hard for these companies to release a system seller at launch? (Archived)Iiquid_mario25/28/2013
You can already tell that the camera in Sonic Lost World is going to be horrible (Archived)
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Anyone know when the battery life will get better? (Archived)SexPantherPanda65/28/2013
Wii-U could of dominated this gen if it had better graphics. (Archived)
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Can't help but agree with ScrewAttack here... (Archived)levyjl1988105/28/2013
Oh gosh, you know what game they need to remake with INSANE graphics for Wii U? (Archived)
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Does Retro's game need to show the power of Wii U? (Poll)MilesTeg42095/28/2013
So, what is going to happen to Nintendo? (Archived)
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Sonic Lost World (Archived)mrpants_again35/28/2013
Why no optical out, why no blu-ray, why no multi-touch (Archived)
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More difficulty equals more fun? (Poll)
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Q about last generation Sonic games.... (Archived)
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