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How do you play your 2D Fighters? (Poll)
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you guys remember Rayman Legends? (Archived)YoyokuKO93/6/2013
Is Hyrule Historia worth it for 20$ (Archived)Voelger83/6/2013
The Wii U outputs to 1080p, right, does it upscale and smooth in Wii mode? (Archived)kaiser ryu83/6/2013
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They need to make a new Captain Skyhawk/Star Fox style game (Archived)smkorvette43/6/2013
Idea to get my Wii U to connect to the eShop, workable? (Archived)Justice9840533/6/2013
Best "oddball" Nintendo Series Game In The Series? (Poll)
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assaasins creed 3 glitch, please help (Archived)rawxfoxdog103/6/2013
Wow, that's it. Nintendo is going third party for sure.... (Archived)
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POLL: Which Nintendo series deserves to get the same attention as The Big 4? (Poll)
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Wii U sales after 3 months aren't as bad as many suggest (Archived)
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My Wii U just downloaded an update. (Archived)Nikra103/6/2013
What kind of Mario or wii U title would you like to see next? (Archived)
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Can I play web based games with my Gamepad using the Wii U web browser? (Archived)boogerwooger_2103/6/2013
Smarter to buy a 3ds or Wii U for MHU?` (Archived)
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So is Watch_Dogs pretty much irrelevant on Wii U? (Archived)
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Ubisoft: Wii U "Will Find Its Public" (Archived)
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