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does (or will) the wii u have a game like Dark Souls? (Archived)FUsquarepants1010/6/2013
internet keeps disconnecting... (Archived)dumpling321610/6/2013
Not sure if I should buy a wii U, need input (Archived)daronin_basic910/6/2013
Rayman Legends bombed thanks to delay/multi console release (Archived)
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I'm glad the Wii U didn't get GTA5 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Helicopters are cool! (Archived)CustomName810/6/2013
How long do you want the Wii U's life to last? (Poll)parthos566410/6/2013
Loading times (Archived)deontrey251990310/6/2013
Argh the Wii Mini! (Archived)
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Do you own a Nintendo Wii U? (Poll)
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Wii U will be the greatest console OF ALL TIME (Archived)
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Should Nintendo start having on disc DLC for Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, etc...? (Archived)
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How does Wii U backwards compatibility work? (Archived)RetsuZaiZen510/6/2013
Wii Karaoke U features the F word! (Archived)Gavin_Rozee210/6/2013
Hardcore gamer is different from a Nintendo fan? (Archived)
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Anything new about Yarn Yoshi/Yoshi's Yarn/whatever it's called? (Archived)Vidgmchtr510/6/2013
Yare yare daze Nintendo.... (Archived)7lightsXIII1010/6/2013
What's so hard about making Wii U sequels that fans would wet themselves over? (Poll)sLaCkEr408___RJ510/6/2013
Idea for a boss for Pikmin 4 (whenever it is made) (Archived)Transdude610/6/2013
Rogue Squadron 2+3 HD, yea or nea (Archived)
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