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Nintendo lied about Rayman, Pikmin 3 release dates, not trusting, not buying. (Archived)
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Does anyone think it's at all possible that console gaming is going to suffer? (Archived)
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Cant decide between Lego City and Darksiders 2....... (Archived)FZeroMaster94/10/2013
The only good thing about Wii U not having a lot of third party support. (Archived)PoppaKrogan64/10/2013
What was the best E3 of Generation 7? (Archived)PoppaKrogan64/10/2013
S***, my Wii U froze when booting up the Settings. What do I unplug again? (Archived)Spoinkfan71844/10/2013
It's a good thing the Wii U didn't get Aliens: Colonial Marines (Archived)NintendoXGames64/10/2013
VC games on gamepad? (Archived)DKCFAN54/10/2013
Cooling fan question? (Archived)highwayman173974/10/2013
We've already started Q2 and no game release dates from Nintendo... (Archived)
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Next 30 cent game? When? (Archived)
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Super Wario Galaxy (Archived)MagiusNecros54/10/2013
nintendo's recent new ip's (Archived)
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Some Rayman news. (Archived)Threinfhir84/10/2013
Do You Want To See More Indie Or Third-Party Games Coming To The Wii U? (Poll)
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Is there any reason to visit this board anymore till E3? (Archived)
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Lagombi Fur (Archived)lufia2234/10/2013
What Wii U game are you currently waiting for? (Archived)
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Gamecube and the WiiU (yes I know it can play Gamecube games now) (Archived)Jamesccg34/10/2013
Nintendo needs to learn to develop games faster (Archived)
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