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Wii U RUMORS 2013-2014. Metroid Prime Online Multiplayer, Kirby, and Fatal Frame (Archived)
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How long until custom firmware? (Archived)RedZaraki711/30/2012
my son accidently broke my wii u gamepad, do they have them at walmart? (Archived)p3r0x1d3611/29/2012
ds features on a home console is not a gimmick. it's a new level of immersion. (Archived)jesse7150311/29/2012
When will they create a wireless system booster? (Archived)CelesEsperIce3611/29/2012
It would really suck if the freezing was a MFG defect. (Archived)CHAINMAILLEKID211/29/2012
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My friend thought Wii U was just an add on controller for Wii (Archived)
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Do I need Wii remote + for Nintendo land games? Or just the regular kind? (Archived)Juiceboy_Jeff611/29/2012
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