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How do you feel about Nintendo's Sunday release dates? (Archived)
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Cod: ghosts out on wii u 5th nov. (Archived)
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Be honest: YOU could not come up with anything more creative than Cat Mario. (Archived)
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Why when anyone talks about the wii u VC, people say "just use wii VC? (Archived)
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Can wii games be streamed to the controller? (Archived)Devil_may_fry37/4/2013
One game not released for VC that I'm surprised hasn't been brought up yet... (Archived)Quesker47/4/2013
Help me pick which game to get please!!! (Archived)fringus12347/4/2013
If Nintendo got into a bad financial situation and they have to sell their IPs (Archived)
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if rare really owned donkey kong, retro would have made a metroid (Archived)m3dworld97/4/2013
When will Club Nintendo rewards be for Wii U VC games and if I use coins... (Archived)Star_Nuts37/4/2013
Publishers/companies attitude summed up: (Archived)nonexistinghero17/4/2013
Iwata on region locking "its due to legal restrictions" (Archived)
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no mana and ff 6 in eu/us (Archived)StarBladeEdge57/4/2013
My Wii U can't detect the external HDD anymore (Archived)
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Next wii u game! (Archived)
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Begining in August, the Wii U game drought will turn into a game flood for me (Archived)
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Is it true that you can transfer data from 2 Wiis over to the Wii U? >_> (Archived)NeonOctopus37/4/2013