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2013 Wii U Games (Archived)
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I was looking at naked girls on my Wii U when I heard my mom approaching and... (Archived)endoflevelboss81/1/2013
Hey Capcom. Monster Hunter HD Collection. Make it happen. (Archived)Banjo255381/1/2013
Gamers live in a little boxed off world. Please evaluate success on mass appeal (Archived)
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So what do you think will be the Killer App this year? (Archived)Dark_Link9271/1/2013
Auto Update for Games (Archived)T_Tangg61/1/2013
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"EA made it clear that they don't consider the Wii U a hot product..." (Archived)
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finally new release dates are here (Archived)
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I keep seeing on this board that people hate Nintendo because they are jealous. (Archived)Who_Dat50471/1/2013
Injustice: Gods Among Us - EPIC! (Archived)
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Rank the N64 Mario Party Games. (Archived)Wesfanboynever11/1/2013
Itsa me, innovation! I've ran out of Mario (Archived)TrueBlue9121/1/2013
Photo Dojo U (Archived)RajakaiTheBeast41/1/2013
delete Miiverse messages? (Archived)TullyBlanchard41/1/2013
Pachter: EA ripping off customers with FIFA is smart. (Archived)
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I got Okami today. (Archived)
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Is there going to be a NoMoreHeroes3 or another Okami? (Archived)bleachgamer351/1/2013
right guys 2 questions (Archived)ch0ppedinhalf41/1/2013
My wii u froze a couple of times ... Made this annoying constant noise (Archived)libatako51/1/2013