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UPS says my package was received for repair... (Archived)Onipaladin210/6/2013
Really hope we get a KRtDL type Kirby on here as well. (Archived)PhoenixRush510/6/2013
Wii U is set to be one of the greatest consoles of all time. (Archived)
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Give me mario golf! (Archived)nbean16810/6/2013
How do I use the snake cam in splinter cell? (Archived)CustomName310/6/2013
Nintendo's games look incredible! (Archived)
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Wii U could use some menu UI updates... (Archived)DTY3510/6/2013
As someone that has never played wind waker before... (Archived)segagamer510/6/2013
What about Wii U remote? (Archived)CustomName310/6/2013
Pros and Cons of Lego City Undercover and GTA5 (Archived)
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Seriously the Nintendo needs a B1G1 this month (Archived)BoomerTheGreat410/6/2013
How's the AI in Splinter Cell, good? (Archived)CustomName610/6/2013
What should retro do after tropical freeze? (Archived)
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would you buy a mario strategy game? (Poll)jrr18110/6/2013
My goodness... this 1080p 60 fps thing is ridiculous.. (Archived)
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A while ago I did a poll on the Xbox One board (Archived)Jacob46719510/6/2013
Kickstarter question... (Archived)
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More people want a Wii U then Xbox One (Archived)
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Your Reaction Topic (Archived)Jacob46719210/6/2013
Got rid of Nintendo Land, got Afterglow controller (Archived)
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