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Why should developers care about the Wii U with the PS4 coming this year? (Archived)
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Just played monster hunter demo WOW (Archived)
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Do you expect WiiWare to get the eShop VC treatment? (Poll)lp91323/2/2013
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Special Comment: When Nintendo releases a new console, (Archived)d_side43/2/2013
The Lagombi being the EASY hunt in the demo terrifies and intrigues me. (Archived)
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Super Mario. (Poll)
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How worth it is it to register everything with Club Nintendo? (Archived)
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Mario Speed Painting (Archived)albanianx113/2/2013
When a game is confirmed to not come to the Wii U why do... (Archived)
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who is getting monster hunter? (Poll)
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Give me a game to play on this thing.... (Archived)
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