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I'm pretty damn disappointed that there's not a true Mario game in development. (Archived)
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The reason why people were disappointed (Archived)
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I'm happy with the Nintendo Direct, but... (Archived)The_Red_Hand36/12/2013
Disappointing? We got Smash, Bayo, X, and DKCR2. (Archived)
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Why is Nintendo still behind the current times? (Archived)
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If Square Enix gave you one choice, which game would you take? (Poll)
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Ugh. Why'd it have to be flagpoles... (Archived)
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C/D When you first saw DK in the Trailer, you thought it'd be a 3D DK game (Archived)iKhanic106/12/2013
um just letting you wiiU users who are fans of smash that, but cant wait (Archived)GamepocketX26/12/2013
Okay, just want to know now that e3 direct is over anyone swayed to buy a Wii U? (Archived)oldhbk7616/12/2013
Calling it: Tropical Freeze will be a Coolatta flavor around DKC's launch (Archived)
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So does this mean Adam is confirmed for SSB? (Archived)
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I want Rare back. It didn't take them 3 years to make 1 game like Retro. (Archived)
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Super Mario 3D World in two words. (Archived)
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut no longer Wii U exclusive (Archived)monkeyspoon76/11/2013
what has happened to Nintendo's imagination (Archived)
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