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Sold Zombi U and Monster Hunter 3 U for RE Revelations (Archived)
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Whats your favorite button on the wii u gamepad? (Archived)Zekrom9865/11/2013
Pre-order price for Resident Evil Revelations for Wii U... went UP (Archived)Jx101035/11/2013
It's the consumers fault for Wii U not having any games. (Archived)knightimex95/11/2013
I'm now the proud owner of a Wii Mini :) (Archived)Microelectrode55/11/2013
Capcom UK filling a poop with blood as a PR stunt for resident evil revelations (Archived)
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What new IP has Nintendo come out with since the SNES? (Archived)
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Be cautious, the black Wii U scratches easy. (Archived)Doublesouba65/11/2013
So did the update overclock the wii u or not? (Archived)SnoicFactor95/11/2013
Any one recall if the Dreamcast was getting this much doom and gloom..... (Archived)
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Wario or Donkey Kong (Poll)Rupin_Salesman65/11/2013
What New IP Does Nintendo Have Control Over? (Archived)backguard22245/11/2013
Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct (Archived)Jacob4671945/11/2013
Do you think the Wii u will be the best rpg console? (Archived)
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Why doesn't Nintendo make more manly games? (Archived)
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2013 could have been the Wii U's year. (Archived)
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I hope Wii U gets a game genie like PS3 did. (Archived)knightimex45/11/2013
New Watch_Dogs info - does not have micro-transactions (Archived)
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I plan on downloading all my games...will I run out of space eventually? (Archived)
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3D mario needs to be 1080 P / 60fps (Archived)
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