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C/D: Wii U won't be good till Mario Kart and Smash Bros. come out. (Poll)Second_Hokage96/15/2013
Nintendo won't make another f-zero or starfox. (Archived)
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A few questions from someone seriously considering the system (Archived)
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Making a list of games of each system by these categories. Not trolling. (Archived)kingbadjo86/15/2013
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Of course Sony fanboys are on a rampage here (Archived)
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What would you think of this for the new Zelda game? (Archived)Hercik166/15/2013
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Man of Steel was awsome! Now somebody make a good sumperman game! (Archived)
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nintendo never should have sold rare (Archived)
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Nintendo: Not interested in iOS or Android games. Do you agree? (Archived)
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Will Text Still Appear in Games or will Voice Acting become the standard? (Archived)
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