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Describe the current state of the WiiU board in one picture. (Archived)
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Nintendo and Sony should merge and only support the 3DS, PS3, and PS4 (Archived)MozillaFennekin42/7/2013
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SMegaTen x Fire Emblem and Monoloth Soft Wii U Game should be multiplat with PS4 (Archived)OrangeCrush98042/7/2013
This is indeed a bad time for Nintendo. (Archived)Sakurafanboy32/7/2013
Pricing for fist of the north star 2 (Archived)aj_hacker8792/7/2013
So is september still in the launch window? (Archived)
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...Is anyone having a little buyers remorse right now? (Archived)
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Why is Mario World 2 off the Wii Shop? (Archived)IIICE_COLD32/7/2013
Rayman was never going to be the saviour for this system (Archived)wingo8472/7/2013
Has Nintendo issued an official statement on why they lost Wii U exclusivity... (Archived)
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Honest question, how did you guys not see this coming? (Archived)
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rayman legends could have still come to wii u on feb 26 (Archived)NinjaGamer_2382/7/2013