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So on the day Xbox One is revealed, EA apparently is making Wii U games again. (Archived)
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My apology (Archived)
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POLL: Which will prevail - Xbox One or Wii U? (Poll)AncientAstro25/21/2013
Wii U + Ps4 already won. Xbox is dONE (Archived)
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Quick Qs about EA sports games on NIntendo consoles............ (Archived)LuckyLickmore75/21/2013
Nintendo should change the WiiU's branding to Wii Ultra or Wii Ultimate. (Archived)nuskooI55/21/2013
Today I realize Nintendo will win the most important aspect of this console war (Archived)
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What if microsoft fails so hard that they sell rare back to nintendo? (Archived)
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Unprecedented partnership between Nintendo and Gamestop incoming (Archived)
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Damn, I was disappointed! (Archived)Noke015/21/2013
The one good thing with Microsoft's reveal ... (Archived)kyncani15/21/2013
Nintendo sets the bar. High. Every time. (Archived)
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When are the kickstarter games coming (Archived)Maggot15/21/2013
wow. the xbox one board is horribly worse than the wii u board right now. (Archived)
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Console Gaming, is it dying? (Archived)
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O...M...G... Im seeing WiiU... LOVE??? (Archived)
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Next-Gen Gameplay and Visual features, can the Wii U handle them? (Archived)EternalWolf45/21/2013
Nintendo really needs to respond to the disappointing Xbox One announcement (Archived)sejan1265/21/2013
Basic edition (Archived)GravyButt75/21/2013
Hi guys. It is now a 100% certainty that I will buy a Wii U. (Archived)
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