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NNID can be transferred to a New Wii U (Archived)
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Does the money on my 3DS eShop not sync with my Wii U eShop? (Archived)ian2093611/28/2012
Just picked up my 3DS for the first time since Wii U launch... (Archived)Virus66211/28/2012
Deluxe in stock at GS online (Archived)DaMan1900411/28/2012
Nano Assault Neo (Archived)
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Downloading stuff via Wii U slower than molasses? (Archived)thereallawrence1011/28/2012
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The Wonderful 101 Potential Killer App?? (Archived)
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3D mario and Zelda are indeed in development. (Archived)pikachupwnage411/28/2012
OS Folders like 3DS (Archived)DarthPabs511/28/2012
So, which next gen system(s) do you plan to get? (Poll)
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Will the Wii U automatically shut down if a D/L is in progress? (Archived)tmac2517511/28/2012
Gaming Charity stream (Archived)Emeraldrox2211/28/2012
Could the Wii / Wii U brand be an amazing business strategy? (Archived)Rishah0078611/28/2012
I can not find anything on when pikmin 3's release date when is it coming it out (Archived)
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why in the world are developers STILL making water levels. (Archived)
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Club Nintendo needs Wii U stuff. (Archived)cabcalloway1983711/28/2012
Uplay app (Archived)Mystic201211/28/2012
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Wii U dispatched (Zavvi and Shopto) (Archived)ssj_duelist611/28/2012