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WiiU Headset (Archived)garretter19/30/2013
Think gamepad is bricked (Archived)Smaffl1589/30/2013
Tomorrow's Update and My Thoughts (Archived)Munnster00629/30/2013
a addition that would be nice to the wii on gamepad (Archived)hydrocrush19/30/2013
Sorry if this is duplicate, but what all did the update add? (Archived)Kingyodel59/30/2013
Does this update mean they won't add N64 games over to the Wii U eShop? (Archived)mcnichoj29/30/2013
So we're basically using the Wii mote on the gamepad... thats the major update? (Archived)Evilmonster109/30/2013
10 games that, in your opinion, MUST be on the gamecube virtual console. (Archived)
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so nothing really good... (Archived)Evilmonster99/30/2013
Nintendo 64 games look great on the Gamepad! (Archived)GDoobah79/30/2013
Update added .... (Archived)MrMacgamer39/30/2013
So with the new update how many pics do you think we will see? (Archived)Baha0529/30/2013
Sound latency issue has been fixed? (Archived)
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So you can play all virtual console games on the Wii U gamepad? (Archived)Chenmaster2109/30/2013
Are Gamecube games coming to the eshop (Archived)Mandrew25739/30/2013
What happens in a year when third party games are beyond wii u specs? (Archived)
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What is new for the update? (Archived)Mozzil89/30/2013
Managing your Nintendo Network ID online (Archived)shanafan39/30/2013
How do i get WII VC games on the pad to. (Archived)iori300059/30/2013
Strongly consider Splinter Cell (Archived)
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