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I'm guessing EA sports ignite is online only.. (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w45/21/2013
Nintendo launches "CrowdFarter". Are any Nintendo games aimed at Adults? (Archived)
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TVii lol sorry i just can't help it... (Archived)sunK1D95/21/2013
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Target Joins Amazon in Slashing the Price of the Wii U: $240 (Archived)
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is f zero the best racing game ever and can it be topped on wii U? (Archived)ninsony1255/21/2013
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Why did the wii u receive no hype? (Archived)
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When Nintendo announced they will have demos of their games the week of E3 at (Archived)
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Who is right about social gaming? (Poll)
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Kirby's Adventure on sale now. (Archived)senelcoolidge_75/21/2013
How is super metroid with pro controller? (Archived)
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Wii-U needs to get some more 3rd party exclusives (Archived)
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Small Update Out (Archived)
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I hate Nintendo's "Apple complex" (Archived)
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After Wii U can Nintendo still get away with releasing underpowered consoles? (Poll)Bancario5135/21/2013
What happened to the previous owner discount for VC games? (Archived)
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Xbox Reveal Viewable on Wii U (Archived)gameG3ni355/21/2013
So do you guys want "rehashes" or not? It's all pretty confusing... (Archived)darkqueenhelba35/21/2013