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So what do they mean by this? (Archived)spealfan44459/30/2013
What is the Update for? (Archived)Jx101069/30/2013
So we can use our accounts on multiple Wii Us now, right? (Archived)ElenaFisher29/30/2013
Was Nintendo broadening it's audience with the Wii a bad thing? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Is this new to the Nintendo Network Services Agreement? Unified Accounts? (Archived)shayminguy779/30/2013
Say Nintendo was to announce a surprise game in tomorrows Direct (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Update changed the eShop (Archived)Gavin_Rozee69/30/2013
The biggest thing I want from the ND tomorrow is additional VC systems. (Archived)shayminguy729/30/2013
is the super mario 3D world a TEST? (Archived)SonicLover2149/30/2013
Wii U browser constantly freezing on youtube (Archived)Weltall54899/30/2013
I bet we'll get confirmation that Destiny is coming to the Wii U tomorrow! (Archived)PoppaKrogan99/30/2013
Top 5 Zelda Songs (Archived)Spiral5519/30/2013
Hopefully, Miyamoto won't interfere in whatever game Intelligent Systems makes (Archived)00bularn00bular59/30/2013
Any news or updates on when Nintendo is going to join Wii U and 3DS accounts? (Archived)Jiryn19/30/2013
is the wii u going to get battlefield 4? (Archived)
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Anyone else have an update waiting for them on their Wii U? (Archived)DJNfinity19/30/2013
Which Nintendo game coming up for 2013 doesn't have a release date yet? (Archived)Chenmaster219/30/2013
eShop Down? (Archived)Skabomb1218829/30/2013
Got WII U? (Archived)TheVesey29/30/2013
Just finished the Nintendo Direct for September (Wii Fit U) (Archived)RemixDeluxe29/30/2013
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