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Okay, Real Talk: Something that always bugged me about Majora's Mask... (Archived)
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Ouch ! Part 10 (Archived)shaunme112/10/2012
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Wii's Good to must have tier games (Archived)dennis941012112/10/2012
Considering to get Wii U... (Archived)
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The best console for multiplats (Archived)ADHDguitar812/10/2012
Sonic racing transformed yay or nay? (Archived)
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Will the Wii U have just as many exclusives as the Wii did? (Archived)Solnot212/10/2012
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Zombi U surprised me... (Archived)dart246812/10/2012
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So my power just went out. (Archived)
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5 MUST OWN Wii games for anyone who didnt own one (Archived)
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Wii U jacks up my ping unless unpluged (Archived)TheMove2612/10/2012
And they say the wiiu is weaker than the ps3/360 (Archived)
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I wonder if Sega will put some of the Dreamcast remakes on Wii U.. (Archived)
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Is there anybody who miss game by game friendcode? (Archived)omniryu712/10/2012
Did you guys know the Wii U's "wii mode" has almost been fully hacked? (Archived)Ranmaru-2712/10/2012