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WiiWare and VC on the WiiU (Archived)CAiNiACprime94/8/2013
What Type Of Genre Crossovers Can You See Happening On The Wii U? (Archived)Transdude24/8/2013
Come on already, Nintendo! Where are all my Wii U games at?! (Archived)Solnot44/8/2013
What Are The Problems Between EA and Nintendo? (Archived)Transdude44/8/2013
Is the Virtual Console available yet?... (Archived)oldschooldave44/8/2013
Would you be happy if all the third party the Wii U got was 7th gen? (Archived)
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Wii U turing off by itself when playing Wii games. (Archived)kreegan6424/8/2013
April Update coming sooner? (Archived)xXSmash_BrosXx74/8/2013
the upcoming releases are pathetic. (Archived)
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Post on miiverse... no community (Archived)rafiiilla84/8/2013
Gamestop to start adding a refurb fee to all console trade ins? (Archived)
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With all of this rumored XBox news... I think WiiU might be in luck (Archived)
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Does anyone know where to buy the wii u lan adapter? (Archived)cabcalloway198334/8/2013
Let's try to guess the day of the April update. (Archived)
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Hyped up, any good? (Archived)DEMONPANDA21214/8/2013
Gritty reboots CAN be good. (Archived)
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If they included a Wii Remote with every console... (Archived)
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Favourite Nintendo game across all platforms. (Archived)
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Anyone buying Injustice? (Archived)
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