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I want you to sell me the Wii U. (Archived)
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What is the better device to play games off of? (Poll)
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Nintendo should release a complete Zelda game based on Legend of Princess (Archived)ReachOutToTruth29/1/2013
Looking forward to playing Mighty No.9 (Archived)1212-179/1/2013
I don't think ninendo will "get" online play until next gen (Archived)
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Wind Waker HD Story Trailer (Archived)
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Do digital copies of Nintendo games include Club Nintendo Codes? (Archived)MabinogiFan69/1/2013
FutureShop has 10% off all games untill the 3rd (Archived)Neonwarrior124319/1/2013
Wow, you really can't spell ignorant without... (Archived)
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How is need for speed graphically? (Archived)
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Thinking of Getting Resident Evil: Revelations (Archived)segagamer99/1/2013
this consoles still too expensive (Archived)
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What is a fair price for this package? (Archived)
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My console's clock is messed up. (Archived)Weltall54829/1/2013
Possibly weird question about external storage (Archived)ghall8939/1/2013
Your playing Smash bros 4 and... (Archived)Dannyson9799/1/2013
Mighty Number 9 Kickstarter is Trending Towards Over Nine Million Dollars (Archived)FiIbert99/1/2013
Network Problem (Archived)jincorv129/1/2013
Kamiya wants Bayo and Okami spin-offs (Archived)SalsaSavant69/1/2013
Where does the ignorance of Nintendo console power come from? (Archived)
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