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Getting a Wii U soon, advice/tips/recommendations? (Archived)
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DKCR deserves a sequel. (Archived)GoombaX107/5/2013
Anyone else picking up Injustice today, since the DLC has finally arrived (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Is Mercenary Kings coming to the WiiU/3ds? (Archived)GloryChaos47/5/2013
Has anyone gotten this error code? (Archived)bradshaw10237/5/2013
Sorry, but the way I see it... (Archived)ADHDguitar97/5/2013
Hypothetical: Pokemon fighting game (Archived)ADHDguitar67/5/2013
Metroid on VC soon. (Archived)Weltall54897/5/2013
C/D they should make Mario and Sonic racing (Archived)NuclearBomb747/5/2013
Can you buy additional controllers? (Archived)VideoboysaysCube57/5/2013
With the fall comes great console games! (Archived)GoombaX107/5/2013
I got 50 club points for game + wario, yet 50 for 5 $.30 game surveys? (Archived)jesse715027/5/2013
I bet Pachter is a closet Nintendo fan (Archived)iKhanic87/5/2013
So Playstation fans created a petition for Sony to buy Atlus. (Archived)
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What woud you do to improve sales? (Archived)
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Wii U Ownership Will Finally Pay Off This Fall (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Scored 4 games at blockbuster for $43 (Archived)Vincent13757/5/2013
Animal Crossing Wii U (Archived)gintu39467/5/2013
Do you think Ninja Theory's Super Mario Bros would be a lot like the movie? (Archived)knightoffire5597/5/2013
They need to lower the price of NSMBU to $29.99 (Archived)Virtual_Console67/5/2013
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