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how to change wiiu ip addres , help please with setup (Archived)shockwavematty111/29/2012
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Downloading the Update and the Inevitable Happened. (Archived)
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How can Nintendo fans call Wii U versions "lazy ports"? (Archived)
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Is the system out in more regions now? (Archived)abbeldydoo211/29/2012
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Will I have problems if I play this on a SD TV? (Archived)-Anubis911/29/2012
Where I think the next generation, and the industry may be going: (Archived)
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What this system needs (Archived)falcon712411/29/2012
The Wii U will be just like the Wii... (Archived)n0matter411/29/2012
so is Nintendo finally thinking globally now? (Archived)Killeryoshi8511/29/2012
wheres the patch? (Archived)TheRaging_Gamer211/29/2012
Tekken question (Archived)omniryu111/29/2012
In this topic we post our top favorite games of 2012. (Archived)bladedwraith111/29/2012
Why do people even care about tech specs that much... (Archived)
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