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How do i change my NNID? URGENT! (Archived)The_Juzi512/26/2012
Any great post Christmas WiiU game sales? (Archived)CrapFactory312/26/2012
I want to play bejeweled on my gamepad... (Archived)Dopplegangers712/26/2012
We need more shooters! (Archived)
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So I got a Wii U and ZombiU for christmas... (Archived)deadANDrotted412/26/2012
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You think Capcom will make a new Viewtiful Joe game? (Archived)
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Gotta say, NSMB U left me very satisfied (Archived)Phange 2112/26/2012
I just blind bought zombi u and scribblenauts for 90 bucks. (Archived)IamAlegend2005512/26/2012
Black ops 2 39.99 nba 2k13 49.99 (Archived)TheRealistKilla112/26/2012
I do not understand how it picks up my Internet signal, but can't connect to it. (Archived)
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Honestly what's the point of buying the basic set if ... (Archived)
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Nintendoland FREE with Basic set at BestBuy (Archived)
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Do newer Wii U units come with version 2? Or do they still have 1.0.1/1.0.2? (Archived)NettoSaito512/26/2012
So now that they've given up trolling about Wii U.... (Archived)
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WeirdJohn1312/26/2012 has the basic with NintendoLand for $300 (Archived)Parkers_Peter612/26/2012
Wii U $200 on Craigslist. (Archived)
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New Super Mario Bros. U (Archived)MathewManson1012/26/2012
Can TVii rewind/fastforward/pause my DVR? (Archived)JohnnyShred612412/26/2012