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Nintendo direct? (Archived)
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Would you download the upcoming Smash Bros... (Archived)
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E-shop question (Archived)vectorman599/25/2013
Club Nintendo is down...cannot synch account with my new wiiu (Archived)NightMareBunny29/25/2013
Are GBA games coming this year? (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X29/25/2013
Shantae: Half Genie Hero - $30k in one day (Archived)
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I'd love another Pilotwings. (Archived)Vidgmchtr69/25/2013
Is Black Ops 2 bad for the disc drive? (Archived)CubeTV99/25/2013
what is your reaction if retros new metroid project turns out to be... (Archived)hydrocrush99/24/2013
Why are non of the N64 Banjo games on the VC? (Archived)
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Do you think there is ANY chance that they'll add online to SM3DW? (Archived)
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I went to Target to checkout that B2G1 free deal... (Archived)
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What do you feel are some good Wii U games that don't get a lot of attention? (Archived)mdietr1ch69/24/2013
Sonic Lost World Main Theme fully revealed (No SFX) (Archived)
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does wii u play wii games? (Archived)nehukog39/24/2013
Wonderful 101. Spoilers! (Archived)Kingyodel19/24/2013
Who will you play as in Super Mario 3D World? (Poll)
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Would you swap/part exchange these ds rpg games for a Wii U? (Archived)mangafan123459/24/2013
If Super Mario 3D World doesn't sell well... (Archived)lgi99/24/2013
What can anyone tell me about SSBB single player? (Archived)enigma227469/24/2013
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