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Shigeru Miyamoto is going through the "Yuji Naka Stage". (Archived)
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So is the Wii U Batman AC as bad as people keep saying? (Archived)
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Nintendo is man's best friend (Archived)Camofrog2007712/3/2012
People arguing about the Wii U in a nutshell. (Archived)CaioNV312/3/2012
how would gc games work if they come to the wii u shop? (Archived)bloomberg23412/3/2012
For a person who plays alone... (Archived)MotiJr912/3/2012
You can't use spaces for using to make a Nintendo ID? (Archived)nintendo3000312/3/2012
Ok to leave Gamepad on charger cradle? (Archived)s2good712/3/2012
Just did a little battery test with the GamePad... (Archived)
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OMG Why would anyone do this to Nintendo (Archived)StealthTifa1012/3/2012
Which Nintendo IP do you want to see on Wii U? (Poll)SuperSmashKart812/3/2012
To trolls saying the game pad has no use besides playing while people watch TV: (Archived)
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3D Mario Game Co-op (Archived)
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Thinking about getting Skyward Sword, opinions? (Archived)
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what would you pay for paper mario ttyd on wii u vc (Poll)
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how do I register my nintendoland that came with Deluxe edition? (Archived)nehukog512/3/2012
Michelle Obama has no idea what a Wii U is. (Archived)
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Will a Wii LAN Adapter work on the Wii U? (Archived)ssj_duelist312/3/2012
Age of Wii and Wii U users? (Poll)
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doesn't wiiU have a GPGPU (Archived)tman431412/3/2012