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people complain that we got a new donkey kong game but dont realize that.... (Archived)
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A lot of people dismiss Nintendo as only being aimed at/played by kids BUT,, (Archived)
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With Earthbound coming to VC, should Mother get a reboot? (Archived)
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I don't get what's wrong or unwise about VGs that appeal to kids. (Archived)iKhanic96/20/2013
Custom Robo needs revival. (Archived)
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Little Inferno on sale for $4.99 (original price $14.99) until June 26th (Archived)Smasher12345656/20/2013
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ITT: We create an interesting shooter IP for Nintendo. (Archived)
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Dungeons and Dragons...... Already out for Wii U (Archived)Jx101076/20/2013
(C/D): The most important feature that SSB:Wii U must improve on is matchmaking. (Archived)
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Man, When The F Is Earthbound Getting A Date? (Archived)McDude_46/20/2013
Can a Wii U classic controller be used for Wii games? (Archived)Mason_Cain76/20/2013
NSLU is tough! (Archived)
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The fear of 3rd party publ. Shows nitendo fans have higher standards (Archived)
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Quick is ZombiU worth $20? (Archived)
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