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Are there any decent Japanese 3rd party exclusives (Archived)
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Anyone think that NSMB2's failure hurt NSMBU and the Wii U? (Archived)
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is the wii U capable of playing wii U games? (Archived)fhsfootball7474/29/2013
This system update has changed EVERYTHING (Archived)
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I really hope partnering with Nintendo doesn't end in Platinum Games closure (Archived)
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Excitebots is one of the funnest overlooked games on Wii and you need to play it (Archived)linkums64/29/2013
Sad about possibly no Kevin Conroy for Arkham Origins? (Archived)fhsfootball7494/29/2013
UK software chart. (Archived)squatch2264/29/2013
Girlfriend just got Wii U and it won't connect to her internet. (Archived)Sakurafanboy64/29/2013
So we probably won't be getting any Metal Gear titles huh? (Archived)
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ZombiU 2. Taking the survivor mechanic to a whole new level. (Archived)
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What should be in the next update? (Archived)
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Just got ma wii u (Archived)StarmanJunior74/29/2013
Watch Dogs Releases Nov.19th in NA (Archived)FFXIgaiaknight104/29/2013
Dat Rayman App (Archived)
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The one thing I don't like... (Archived)themoth2112104/29/2013
I hope Wii u isn't filled with fat time padded games. (Archived)knightimex54/29/2013
how/where do you plug in a mic? (Archived)woody7134/29/2013
will a game ever have music as beautiful and mesmerizing as dkc2's music (Archived)
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Hell yeah, we're probably getting the next Call of Duty game! (Archived)
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