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How much do you want a new Metroid Prime game for the Wii-U? (Archived)
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What name do people see me as online? My Mii or my nintendo network id? (Archived)Mech_Battalion212/15/2012
What kind of sucks about Nintendo is that one flop console and they will be done (Archived)
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ZombiU worth 55 Pounds off the E-Shop? (Archived)
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Can I watch youtube videos on the gamepad? (Archived)Castleman2512/15/2012
How should I update it? (Archived)KoopaSheller11712/15/2012
How to adjust the screen size displayed on my TV? (Archived)DiaperDandee612/15/2012
Why the Wii U lack DLC (Archived)
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PlayOn on Wii U Gives You Hulu for Free and 50+ Channels (Archived)
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How come Cartman didn't want a Wii U? (Archived)
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Miiverse, best Quality Assurance idea ever? (Archived)VenomSymbiote1012/15/2012
History of Hardware Launch Review Scores (Archived)digiblaster512/15/2012
Capcom US just released a new MH3U gameplay montage! (Archived)
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Yoshis Island U needs one thing... (Archived)_Candice_412/15/2012
Apparently US Wii-U's will not connect to the eshop/internet under a European IP (Archived)ChibiGoku 302312/15/2012
Next Mario spinoff that Nintendo should make (Archived)Thor611012/15/2012
Why doesn't nintendo just buy next level games? (Archived)Ranmaru-2612/15/2012
Need a bit more wireless range... (Archived)SKStylez412/15/2012
Thinking about trading my Wii in against a Wii U today, anything I should know? (Archived)II Sora II812/15/2012
I have bad news for those waiting for Christmas to unpack their Wii U... (Archived)
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