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Why won't the Wii U be getting Unreal Engine 4? (Archived)
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Wii U won't be getting Unreal Engine 4 (Archived)-Damien-73/30/2013
Miiverse needs to be more like gamefaqs (Archived)
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Will the update in April also speed up downloads? (Archived)MechaKoopa500043/30/2013
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If only Nintendo had put the $100 controller costs into beefing up the specs... (Archived)
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Do People Just Forget About the 3DS When Dooming Nintendo? (Archived)
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I don't suppose I can transfer some of my VC games back to the Wii can I? (Archived)Tales_of_10143/30/2013
If the Zelda tech demo is the best the Wii U will ever look... (Poll)
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WTF? Can't play my wii games now? (Archived)Ihateyoumike23/30/2013
If Wii U is not next gen, then the Dreamcast is part of fifth gen. (Archived)
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TRUE Nintendo fans only by Nintendo consoles (Archived)
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Unreal engine doom and gloom pfft (Archived)chlorox63/30/2013
the term "nest gen" (Archived)Kaleliskalel53/30/2013
I just had an epiphany... Majora's Mask 2 (Archived)
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Why release Lego city WiiU before lego city 3ds? (Archived)
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Say what you will about the Wii U, at least it doesn't have a share button (Archived)
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The Wii U Problem - Marketing (Archived)eatpraymedia53/30/2013