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The guard in 'Orange is the new Black' was playing a 3DS
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There's really only two significant problems with Nintendo right now.
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Splinter Cell Blacklist worth 20 GBP?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Creating a survey_Falstaff511/19/2013
"Next Gen" Boards are Ridiculous...SoulOni1011/19/2013
Thinking about buying, a few questionsAfficial6311/19/2013
So, seeing WiiU commercials alot now, the one with the kids in particular...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Thinking about buying. One question.snacktimeguy611/19/2013
Worth getting a Wii U now or later?Gamenamebully911/19/2013
how come Nintendo keeps treating Zelda like its special when its not?
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wheres all tha wii u deals for black friday? disappointing.....
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SM3DW trending on twitter!Jonbazookaboz311/19/2013
how to unlock Rosalina in Mario 3D World (spoilers!)manmouse411/19/2013
Would you rather pay $299 for a Wii U or $299 for a Dreamcast?
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SM3dW bundle?Rockman_forever611/19/2013
Anyone waiting for a redesign ?chaos_controlr611/19/2013
Nintendo should be advertising games like ACIV and CoD on the Wii U.AdamLazaruso911/19/2013
Transferring save data from WiiNinetaiIs611/19/2013
so i finally did it: I ORDERED MY WIIU! final questions inside
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