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Should nintendo fund skies of arcadia 2: pirates of the crimson sky? (Archived)
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I liked the nintendo direct (Archived)Holy_Oblivion45/17/2013
I wish the Sonic game was Sonic Generations 2 (Archived)LIsJustice35/17/2013
Your Reaction: The third exclusive Sonic game is also the new Super Mario game. (Archived)liveman78925/17/2013
Last console you got a Game Over on? (poll) (Poll)NCPwn95/17/2013
Your thoughts on todays Nintendo Direct. (Archived)
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so what do you think the third unannounced sonic game is? (Archived)
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I wonder if Nintendo is working on several "Capcom 5" type deals. (Archived)
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Alternate pad charger (Archived)DrMond15/17/2013
I may think about double dipping on Super Mario World for Super MArio Bros 2. (Archived)Lord_Diablo1325/17/2013
So Nintendo's big Exclusive is a Sonic game??? (Archived)
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Does this mean Sonic: First Contact will be a Wii U exclusive? (Archived)ButKevinBacon15/17/2013
I missed the nintendo direct and I can only find replays in Japanese... (Archived)monjamania200035/17/2013
This board is great, now were back to "Want for E3". (Archived)
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EA: No FIFA 14 for Wii U due to poor FIFA 13 sales (Archived)
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Is the Sonic franchise truly owned by Nintendo now? (Archived)RemixDeluxe95/17/2013
For all the Industry gamers who want Nintendo to fail... (Archived)Nytroxide25/17/2013
Will Nintendo really release TWWHD, Mario Kart U, and 3D Mario between Oct-Dec? (Archived)
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Looking to buy some mature games for the Wii U. (Archived)
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So how does Nintendo Network behave? (Archived)jim20045/17/2013