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Sonic CD should come to the Wii U VC. (Archived)Nintendoboy7755/16/2013
So the LPers still get paid (Archived)VRX300045/16/2013
Are you fans of scribblenauts excited for unmasked : a dc comic adventure (Archived)GoombaX95/16/2013
Purchased SM64 & SMRPG via Club Nintendo. Can I play them on GamePad now? (Archived)nuskooI75/16/2013
Anybody else shy away from touch pad heavy games on Wii U? (Archived)STN7985/16/2013
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RUMOR: Nintendo wants to kill "Let's Play" videos? (Archived)
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Game piracy 'not as prevalent as feared' (Archived)squatch2295/16/2013
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Just noticed the left analog stick doesn't respond when pushed in, can I fix it? (Archived)MrRaccoon15/16/2013
I don't think I like the analog sticks. (Archived)MrDrippy105/16/2013
Two new games confirmed for the wiiu (Archived)Deeprest155/16/2013
Should Nintendo sue sites posting harmful (piracy) info on wii u? (Poll)knightimex75/16/2013
Digital Foundry: Wii U gamepad isn't as complex as the most basic android (Archived)
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Gamepad reverse-engineered by Dolphin Emulator devs (Archived)
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I don't see any difference at all for the RE Revelations demo for Xbox and Wii U (Archived)
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Wiiu needs an ambassador program. (Archived)
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