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if the world ends next month. nintendo wins (Archived)
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Are Nintendo's non-Mario/Pokemon franchises still considered successful? (Archived)Solid_SOAP512/1/2012
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Would you rather the Wii U not have the touchscreen controller? (Archived)
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Sony & Microsoft's response to Wii U (Archived)
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Crazy Wii U bundle for only $389 at with NSMBWU or Zombie U!! (Archived)
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How do I walk around Miiverse and talk to people? (Archived)
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So why do gamers want the Wii/Wii U to be another Xbox/PS3 yet claim they don't? (Archived)AStrawhatPirate412/1/2012
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Will Nintendo release RAM Paks and FX chip add-ons? (Archived)GM_412/1/2012
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