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Anyone consider that the last gen went on a little too long? (Archived)
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I have... (Archived)xxghost12xx312/30/2012
I have a wii-u but theres nothing good to play :( is there anything worth $60 (Archived)ssidiouss912/30/2012
May i please have a list of games that can be entirely played on the gamepad (Archived)joeyx4x312/30/2012
Flop system? (Archived)
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POLL U: Did you get a screen cover or a protector for THE GAMEPAD? (Poll)Jx1010412/30/2012
KCNA: Xbox Next, not Wii U, will be official rationed console of North Korea (Archived)
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Wii U one of the Tech Misfires of 2012 (Archived)
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Do you use a screen protecter on your wii-u gamepad? (Archived)ssidiouss1012/30/2012
Rumor Wii U is getting an exclusive spin off in the Lightning saga. (Archived)
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walmart(down here)sold out completely of wiiu's (Archived)
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If developers can choose their own price on the eShop, why is Sribb. still $60? (Archived)
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How much more powerful do you think the Wii U than the PS360m (Poll)
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top ten games of all time so far..share yours. (Archived)
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Do 3ds branded prepaid cards work on Wii U? (Archived)GameguruVIII312/30/2012
Multi-Platform Owners - Do you like the Wii U Controller? (Archived)
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Are you glad Nintendo finally replaced Nsider? (Archived)NettoSaito412/30/2012
Its a joy to play the Wii. (Archived)maddgamz912/30/2012
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