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Wow, is it just not selling well? Saw lots of unsold systems in stock... (Archived)EGMRULZ811/23/2012
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Free Wii U Game with Wii U Purchase at Gamestop deal? (Archived)Versal1331511/23/2012
About the touch screen.... (Archived)HungoverHero777511/23/2012
any official word on if the wii u pro controller will become wii mode compatible (Archived)CarefreeDude411/23/2012
Can we turn off the system menu sound effects? (Archived)RoyLT84211/23/2012
Man according to this board I am the only one who can't find one of these (Archived)
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Any word on MP3 support? (Archived)Soccer_is_Best511/23/2012
it looks like the wii u gamepad will have some interesting attachments (Archived)CarefreeDude111/23/2012
Do you think now that the WiiU is out (about club nintendo) (Archived)hypermoe111/23/2012
Club Nintendo Hanafuda cards (Archived)MetalGusREbirth411/23/2012
They should make a Zelda HD collection (Archived)
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my wall mart has 1 left but I cant get it! (Archived)MetalGearNaruto611/23/2012
EShop Question! (Archived)BoNZii303311/23/2012
Online capabilities of the WiiU is more imporant than the graphic powers of it. (Archived)superbot400211/23/2012
How many Wii u's you think will be sold before the 720 and PS4 come out? (Archived)Tasty_me711/23/2012
Question to the Wii U owners that have the Wii U version of SSASRT (Archived)nintendo3000111/23/2012
Im not defending the wii u no more. No need. (Archived)
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Miiverse crashing system (Archived)thereallawrence111/23/2012
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