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Timed Demo for RE? I was going to buy it at launch, but don't force me Nintendo! (Archived)PsienceWins65/14/2013
Used Wii U for $250 with Monster Hunter Ultimate and a HDD, is that a good buy? (Archived)
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Which Nintendo platform has the highest ceiling in terms of potential? U or 3DS? (Poll)fhsfootball7475/14/2013
Any word on a midnight release for super metroid tonight? (Archived)loremipsonium35/14/2013
What do you expect the Wii U's lifetime sales to be? (Poll)
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Festival of Magic Developer Discusses Wii U Gamepad Usage (Archived)Leetyroneus15/14/2013
If you put a Wii game into the Wii U will it play in HD instead of SD? (Archived)ajko00095/14/2013
What do you call the Wii U. (Archived)
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Is frostbite engine going to ios but not wiiU a sign of the end? (Archived)
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Pacman and Ghostly Adventures coming to Wii U (Archived)
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I think it'll be Mario Kart this year, Super Mario 3D adventure next year (Archived)
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More EA on Wii U. (Archived)
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I got platinum for the first time! (Archived)promo12325/14/2013
Please help me with system transfer! (Archived)Frison1125/14/2013
Rumour: latest system update has increased CPU, GPU speed (Archived)
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Nintendo needs to embrace the true strengths of the WiiU (Archived)4_passing_sites105/14/2013
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Nintendo E3 Rumors: Biggest Mario to date, Retro woking on future FPS (Archived)
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Shadow of the Eternal eps. can be stand-alone, ED characters could return... (Archived)fhsfootball7425/14/2013
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