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What would you do to improve the Wii U? (Archived)
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Pikmin 2 is in 1080p. YES oh YESS (Archived)
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750 gb external hard drive for $59.99 (Archived)token_swordsman411/21/2012
Is my Wii U bricked? (Archived)KaidanXain311/21/2012
so will the eshop update thursdays like the 3ds also? or tues (Archived)idrc82111/21/2012
Support for Wii U Pro Controller in Wii backwards compatibility? (Archived)15RC311/21/2012
Why is WiiU online free but 360 and PS3 online payed for? (Archived)
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I applied for a job to be a Miiverse Nintendo Network Moderator!!! :D (Archived)
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Franchises you want to see on Wii U (Archived)jase87111/21/2012
Anybody got a dead/stuck pixel on their Wii U Pads? (Archived)
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There is nothing I want more on this console than a new Metroid, similar to..... (Archived)SamusFarron911/21/2012
Akihiro Suzuki, producer of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, claims WII-U has (Archived)
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Has anyone played a game on the gamepad while taking a dump? (Archived)Gnarkill03811/21/2012
I need to buy a router to connect Wii U to the internet. (Archived)
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GameStop isn't always bad (Archived)SkriblZz311/21/2012
anyone tried to install hbc on the Wii part? (Archived)GaryAtEastern511/21/2012
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