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Who's got the Wii U? I DO! ^_^ (Archived)
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Does the Update INSTALL at the same time it DOWNLOADS? (Archived)Jimdb611/20/2012
Edges of screen on TV are cut off. any way to fix? (Archived)ChromaticAngel1011/20/2012
So do different users on the system get different save files on games? (Archived)Walusilluigi911/20/2012
Any folks outside of North America considering canceling their pre-orders? (Archived)
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is anyone else hoping that rumroed Yoshi game is NOT what Retro is working on? (Archived)
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Miiverse and Netflix won't work. (Archived)siganddaxter1011/20/2012
Does the disc slot light up? (Archived)Helmsly2008411/20/2012
Linking my Nintendo network account, please look inside: (Archived)HastyHyla411/20/2012
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