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S***! I should buy a Wii U today! (Archived)Numbuh100108/10/2013
Does playing games off an external Hard Drive make them play worse? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell78/10/2013
The rumble in W101 is brutal (Archived)
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What's so special about Analog triggers? (Archived)
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Economists say E-rated games will be a thing of the past by 2016. (Archived)
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$222,844 in 16 days (Archived)wingo84108/10/2013
Do you think Nintendo has any surprises for Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show? (Archived)
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Why is Nintendo releasing stuff in North America last now? (Archived)
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Haven't been on in a few days, can someone link me... (Archived)fhsfootball7438/10/2013
W101 - Use Mission mode to practice controls (Archived)jaymart_2k28/10/2013
After a couple of hours of playing W101 demo... (Archived)wingo84108/10/2013
Why is story so important these days? (Archived)
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Nintendo 3DS VC and Wii U VC, Which is better? (Poll)
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Error Code- 105-4011 (Archived)LIsJustice28/10/2013
Pikmin 3, Splinter Cell and Wonderful 101? (Archived)ArmorWolf0188/10/2013
who`s excited for splinter cell Black List? (Archived)oldhbk7688/10/2013
This game looks neat, wish it was coming to the U.S. (Archived)Snoopdawwg2248/10/2013
Uh the voices in Wonderful 101 disgust and turned me off from buying it :( (Archived)
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Just got my Wii U... my initial impressions (Archived)Fimble_the_mage68/10/2013
I know a surefire way to improve wii u sales (Archived)
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