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Missing Copies of Nintendo Land in some UK Deluxe Bundles (Archived)
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LOL @ the Game Party Championship edition miiverse page (Archived)apocalyptic_4211/30/2012
Wii U's cpu may not be exactly a Broadway with 3 cores. (Archived)
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IGN isn't biased, IGN UK on the other hand... (Archived)BumperCats1011/30/2012
Wii U bricked... (Archived)jmichaelbp611/30/2012
Kinda wish they added the option to play Wii VC games in different resolutions (Archived)Marcster1994211/30/2012
Anyone else afraid Miyamoto is going to mess up Retro Studios game at SS levels? (Archived)
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How do i make the sound come from the TV instead? (Archived)CyberLance26911/30/2012
When do you think we'll get more Wii U game announcements? (Archived)DSdude19711/30/2012
Changing the volume of the Gamepad. (Archived)FIareXB00tles511/30/2012
Zelda series on 3ds/WiiU: where do we go from here? (Archived)
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Argh, love playing Call of Duty Black Ops II for Wii U - Hate (Archived)SpacedDuck811/30/2012
Jim Sterling satire: "Wii U is blatantly better than PS3 and Xbox 360 COMBINED" (Archived)
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Buy it, Rent it, or F*** it: ZombiU (Poll)horror_spooky711/30/2012
UK update download times (Archived)
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What moive director is Miyamoto most similar to these days? (Poll)CrystalKing5426311/30/2012
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Wii U is actually sooooooooooo good! (Archived)Jx10101011/30/2012
I really don't get the start screen on tv when wii u powers up. (Archived)crazybot611/30/2012