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what games are tying you over till the wii u uk/aus release (Archived)
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C/D The Wii U already has better 3rd party support/games than the Wii. (Archived)CloudStrife630611/28/2012
Which control style would you prefer for the next Zelda game? (Poll)
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Have any Wii U or Wii games required motion plus and hold the remote sideways? (Archived)jjgator511/28/2012
Will Sony and Microsoft copy Nintendo... again? (Archived)
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Any reason to keep my Wii? (Archived)
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Failed to download all data? (Archived)abbeldydoo611/28/2012
Can I use the portal for Skylanders that came with my 360 on the Wii U? (Archived)aj99ny811/28/2012
Microsoft sold over 750K Xbox 360s last week, more than double Wii U sales (Archived)
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Is Nintendo the greatest company of all time? (Poll)
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Have the digital prices of games been announced for the uk eshop? (Archived)Chargrilled511/28/2012
3RD party developers are going to abandon the Wii-U after these poor sales (Archived)
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Will there ever be a new Metroid title or has Nintendo just stopped caring? (Archived)
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How hard is it to make realistic graphics? (Archived)
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