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Does the gamepad's battery drain while not in use? (Archived)
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This is Hypothetical: If Nintendo does go under, what will happen to their Ip's? (Poll)
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Wii U wifi range failed? (Archived)rafiiilla54/12/2013
I'm a Sony fanboy, but the WiiU is not going to fail (Archived)
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Why the obsession with the wii U? (Archived)ninsony1244/12/2013
Let's guess how Nintendo will release the rest of their Wii U titles for the... (Archived)
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If Nintendo Was To Bring Back An IP People Haven't Heard About In A Long Time... (Poll)Transdude84/12/2013
people that've spent a lot of time with both the x360 and WiiU Pro controllers (Archived)
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Guys why would I buy a WiiU when PS4 and Xbox720 are coming out later this year? (Archived)
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Anybody else's wiiu have trouble sometimes connecting to the web and eshop? (Archived)andizzle2966254/12/2013
Has the Wii U beaten the xbox360 in Japan yet? (Archived)Jx101084/12/2013
Is there a known statistic about who buys game consoles? and their ages? (Archived)kingbadjo104/12/2013
Just got Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (Archived)
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So did you and/are still supporting Operation Rainfall? "Poll" (Archived)ValzacardX64/12/2013
Is Nintendo giving the fans what they want? (Archived)
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I really hope nintendo doesn't make anymore wii consoles (Archived)Murderstorm117104/12/2013
Any news on a full fledged Virtual Console? (Archived)
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Does the wii u feel next gen to you? (Archived)
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Maybe this is the reson why Nintendo launched the Wiiu before it was ready.. (Archived)
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What if Nintendo Bought Gamestop/Game? (Archived)
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