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The best graphics to ever hit a console will be from a game releasing next year (Archived)
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Sitting on the couch playin mario laying down while the tv is on is pretty nice. (Archived)jesse7150911/29/2012
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Cartridge slot? (Archived)HenryKissiger1011/29/2012
Stylus? (Archived)GM_711/29/2012
No store update today? (Archived)jjgator311/29/2012
I don't know if it is possible for me to pay $60 for a game. (Archived)
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Are you supposed to sharpen the stylus? my friend at school said u should (Archived)jesse7150611/29/2012
How many of you have your TV calibrated? (Archived)promo123711/29/2012
New Diddy Kong Racing (Archived)
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So (I know I'm late) Camelot wants to make a DK 64 sequel? (Archived)
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I don't feel the Wii U is a strong product (Archived)Dark World Ruler311/29/2012
So you CAN'T turn off the Wii U while it is updating without it bricking, but... (Archived)
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