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Retro's next game? (Archived)
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Are the Wii Menu's "blocks" separate from the Wii U's memory? (Archived)Marcster1994411/26/2012
It's been a good run, but Iwata should step down. (Archived)
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Is it a good idea to snatch up a bunch of systems and sell them on ebay? (Archived)monsterlunchbox1011/26/2012
Do you need to play the first darksiders? (Archived)Dark Gunner811/26/2012
ATTN: wd passport owners (Archived)henzler3511/26/2012
Freezing issue? (Archived)
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Another "share your NNID" thread (Archived)Venomscarnage311/26/2012
The only bad thing about the Wii U (Archived)
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How many posts have you seen get past the censor/moderators? (Archived)shadestreet611/26/2012
Gamestop will let you down. (Archived)
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Anybody know if this external HD would work with the Wii U? (Archived)benoit489611/26/2012
So... Weren't we supposed to be able to play board games on the gamepad? (Archived)Darklight776611/26/2012
If Iwata retired as President, what Nintendo Leader would you want to fill in? (Archived)
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Has anyone had their console lock up yet (mid game)? (Archived)
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do you still think Reggie is credible? (Archived)
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How does the online profile work (Archived)shockwavematty811/26/2012
Picked up a 32gb deluxe WIIU this weekend: Great system...bad gamesssssss (Archived)
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Anyone found Wii U games to rent? (Archived)abbeldydoo111/26/2012
Can I use the Wii U gamepad to play Xenoblade Chronicles? (Archived)TheCyborgNinja411/26/2012