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Do Wii originals look and play terrible to you on the Wii U? (Archived)
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How do i get notifications from miiverse (Archived)shockwavematty611/29/2012
Quick!! WiiU or Farcry3 and donate rest to church (Archived)
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Best Games Based On A Movie (Archived)
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Can we ... Can we just get a solid confirmation to this question? (Archived)
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can anyone tell me if the wiiU does dual output? (Archived)bigpoppapat311/29/2012
They need to patch in notifications on screen (Archived)apocalyptic_4111/29/2012
LMAO Europe has demos and we(US) don't. (Archived)
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My main criticism of ZombiU... (Archived)
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HDD Formatting... (Archived)senelcoolidge_511/29/2012
Can anyone describe the wii U acheivement system? (Archived)
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Anyone got the Wii data transfer tool file which they can upload please? (Archived)MasterAndNewbie411/29/2012
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Got it!!! (Archived)
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Even though Nintendo is a shell of themselves now, NSMBU is the best game ever (Archived)
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