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How do I buy virtual console games on the wii u? not seeing in store. (Archived)ghaleon_8686511/21/2012
To the Nintendo Fanboys and Nintendo Trolls of this board: (Archived)
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Anyone trade in NintendoLand yet? (Archived)autoalchemist62911/21/2012
Trying to update Console? (Archived)GillianSeed23311/21/2012
Any other launch titles worth pickng up? (Archived)fatheruppercut611/21/2012
Wii U has entered a drought already (Archived)TastyKittyMMMM811/21/2012
Should I buy a Wii U for Wii games? (Archived)W_ultimate511/21/2012
GROW UP didn gamecube games look better than Wii games the whole time? Research (Archived)
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How will the Wii U handle........... '' this '' ? (Archived)
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Got my wii u , walking out of Walmart and (Archived)
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Gigabit internet (Archived)ataricompanion411/21/2012
GROW UP didn't xbox games look better than 360 games the first year? Research (Archived)Tasty_me1011/21/2012
stupid question i have my unit off but the blue disc light came on (Archived)
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Transferring Nintendo ID from one Wii U to another? (Archived)mingistech1011/21/2012
HDMI cable or component cables question. (Archived)metalXgear1011/21/2012
Having trouble transferring Wii stuff to Wii U (Archived)SlyFoxDeveraux311/21/2012
Mode Not Supported (Archived)Knuckles1412511/21/2012
Can I play the Wii U out of the box if I have no plans to take it online? (Archived)JBHeli1011/21/2012
For those who do not know how to screencap (Archived)MilliaHakumei411/21/2012
Off the top of your head, is there a single Wii U Launch game that looks miles (Archived)
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