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Are there enough 'good' games on this system to justify a purchase at full price (Poll)
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So what is the consensus on Wii U, and how it stacks up to XBox720 / PS4? (Archived)
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What the Wii U needs is (Archived)stekim4024/12/2013
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Does Nintendo have a good reason not to release the Pikmin 3 and W101 demos? (Archived)
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would you want the namco mario kart on wii U? (Archived)ninsony1274/12/2013
To the people who are hating on NSMB U (Archived)
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The games Wii U actually is getting seem ace in the gameplay department (Archived)
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Why yelling at the top of your lungs for ''MOAR GAMES NOW!!!!'' is a bad idea... (Archived)
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