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Rayman Legends on Vita will have exclusive bonus levels that won't be on the U (Archived)fhsfootball7465/28/2013
Which Wii U games do you think will have the Zelda tech demo's artstyle? (Archived)retrotator145/28/2013
Looking for best price on WiiU basic. (Archived)Teremei65/28/2013
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Why is it that everybody got mad about Nintendo monetizing youtube vids.... (Archived)
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How many people already sold their NES? (Archived)
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I'm glad any headphones/headsets work on the wiiupad. (Archived)Muryo25/28/2013
Big Problem with Nintendo Direct (Archived)
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Super Metroid, one of the BEST, only 30 CENTS! (Archived)Justice9840595/28/2013
why is wind waker so highly revered now? (Archived)
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How long do people wait for game downloads? How long is too long? (Archived)
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Backwards compatible? (Archived)chao heroes45/28/2013
Does anyone think Nintendo will eventually make blue/pink Wii U Controller Pro's (Poll)LilMajerCartune55/28/2013
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Wii U exclusive update incoming. (Archived)RockD7955/28/2013
Luigi U's length compared to Mario U? (Archived)Teremei95/28/2013
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