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400,000 sold , yet ..... (Archived)ssjmole811/27/2012
Seriously, what is the deal with NSMB U not supporting the Pro Controller (Archived)
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Has anyone here completed a Survival run in ZombiU? (Archived)Phange 2411/27/2012
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Wii U Gamepad Drop Test - Watch - (Archived)
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how many people here... (Archived)Pkshootout13111/27/2012
The butthurt is really strong here. (Archived)
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The Wii U GamePad drop test (Archived)SuperShyGuy9000111/27/2012
Cant eject disc from gamepad, wow EPIC FAIL (Archived)
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How do I activate the 10% discount? (Archived)raimi_ace811/27/2012
I think the only reason the U sold about 400k ... (Archived)kreegan64411/27/2012
What if Nintendo has been planning this all along? (Archived)nilesthebrave811/27/2012
Won't it be difficult to put some Gamecube games on Wii U VC? (Archived)jjgator811/27/2012
Reformatting HDD used on Wii U so it can be used on a PC again? How? (Archived)SuperiorHominid911/27/2012