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Virtual console input lag on Gamepad is unacceptable. (Archived)
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is it bad if i actually think this is the best next gen console? (Archived)
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Do you think Nintendo will surprise anyone? (Archived)paulr198646/11/2013
Nintendoes what Xbox Won't (Archived)Old_ETIopian36/11/2013
Is the nintendo direct hd (Archived)Freakzilla566/11/2013
I never thought I would say this again anytime soon, but we might be in for some (Archived)Gaming King76/11/2013
Gamecube Controller Adapter Question (Archived)DITCAM26/11/2013
I hope the Nintendo direct looks professional tomorrow. (Archived)
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Never have I seen so much harmony between Nintendo and Sony fans (Archived)Bolc5616/11/2013
Do you think shin megami tensei x fire emblem will be shown? (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X46/11/2013
Theres an Xbox fan boy on Wii U lol (Archived)Jx101026/11/2013
WiiU vs PS4 (Archived)
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What do you think Nintendo has to do tomorrow to win E3? (Archived)
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Pulling an all-nighter for the Nintendo Direct (Archived)raimi_ace46/11/2013
About 4 hours to go... pretty exciting (Nintendo Direct) (Archived)Ccrules279126/11/2013
Nintendo is the only company that didn't screw over the consumer next-gen. (Archived)
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As much as I love Miiverse..... (Archived)Rival_Blue_199976/11/2013
For those of you who jumped ship to Wii U: Why? (Archived)
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So Sony won the war already? (Archived)
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Why do people choose sides? (Archived)
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