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Imagine the farthest logical extension of Mario 64... a gigantic open kingdom. (Archived)
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Since MH3U is on sale... Don't know what to get for 3rd game of Targets B2G1... (Archived)Evilmonster79/19/2013
To all the folks who are grabbing TWWHD digitally in just a few hours... (Archived)
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Usb ports (Archived)PatrickSheehan29/19/2013
Wii to Wii U transfer question? (Archived)Trevor_Belmont29/19/2013
was anything shown for the Wii U at TGS? (Archived)DrSouljaBoi6999/19/2013
getting a WU soon. what should I get/avoid? (Archived)
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So, before the big guns start coming, what do you think is the best Wii U game? (Poll)liveman78969/19/2013
Interested in getting a new capture card. (Archived)masterkirby319/19/2013
Did they fix the awful swimming controls in Rayman? (Archived)StarmanJunior59/19/2013
You'd think people would LEARN the first time GameStop tells them to preorder. (Archived)
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Getting the Wii U WW Bundle and need more games, suggestions? (Archived)Xeoldan79/19/2013
Wind Waker HD is going to KILL ME!!! (Archived)
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Game Suggests. (Archived)QlJGamer59/19/2013
SHENANIGANS! (caps) (Archived)Kromlech0689/19/2013
wiiu zelda console, does it come with update already installed? (Archived)zender199929/19/2013
We can't let Draven or Solid Snake win! (Archived)
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This flame war between GTA 5 and W101 is crazy (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Can this board go back to being the Wii U board instead of a second GTA V board? (Archived)
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You would think GTA V was coming to the Wii U with so many topics about it. (Archived)
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