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Week 1 impressions - worth the hype? (Archived)
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The State of the Wii U, Just Three Days In (Archived)squatch22511/20/2012
Guess Nintendo really meant it when they said they're not about power (Archived)
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Alternate DL option? (Archived)orbit626111/20/2012
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Will a Kid Icarus Uprising sequel come out for Wii U? (Archived)
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Nintendo makes the installation process happen DURING the downloading process. (Archived)
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I love how when a new console come out EVERYONE has to be a critic and act llike (Archived)Venomscarnage211/20/2012
a uk fan's opinion about the slow cpu and general weakness, true or not. (Archived)c_h_shaw311/20/2012
No Blu Ray? (Archived)
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People have had the SAME ARGUMENTS against Nintendo for years... (Archived)
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Help! Trying to make up my mind about getting this. (Archived)LaMafiacci411/20/2012
Has Nintendo made any statement (Archived)
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Can you use Wii Speak for Wii U? (Archived)LilMajerCartune411/20/2012
Can it play Wii games? (Archived)AlwaysFickle611/20/2012
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The Wii U's that are "in stock" at Wal-Mart (Archived)TreGooda711/20/2012
So, anyone else glad they're waiting? (Archived)
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