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Rumor: Sakurai considering making a Kid Icarus Uprising sequel for the WII U (Archived)Semi45a75/19/2013
Would you like it if Sonic Lost Worlds had multiple playable characters? (Poll)
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Question about the Wii Mode transfer app. (Archived)snae9935/19/2013
Do you think they will make a DS player on the WiiU? (Archived)Jamesccg75/19/2013
Nintendo doesnt have third party support "they're doomed" , but when they do (Archived)GoombaX65/19/2013
Is it normal that my Wavebird has a better range than my Wii U GamePad? (Archived)Adrian204065/18/2013
Shame on you, Nintendo! (Archived)Banjo255365/18/2013
Why do people think that wii u is doing poorly because of lack of power? (Archived)
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Let's talk about the achievements/advancements of Wii U so far (Archived)jim20015/18/2013
RUMOR: New Wii U model, Resident Evil Remake (Archived)
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WiiU Assurance Topic (Archived)Walkiethrougie45/18/2013
People forget Nintendo doesn't make all it's money off of consoles. (Archived)iKhanic55/18/2013
why does EA hate the wii u so much? (Archived)
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Color distortions in Wii Mode, with temporary fix. Am I the only one? (Archived)TotakaK35/18/2013
Wonderful 101 has one sexy looking boxart (Archived)
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Electronic Arts is crap (Archived)
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Confirm or Deny - NSLU Retail just so there could be a new Wii U game in stores (Archived)
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MLP on WiiU (Archived)
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On a day to day basis, how much ****posting does /v/ or neogaf do here anyway? (Archived)SuperShadowAce35/18/2013
Wonderful 101 is Wonderfuly 10Doomed. (Archived)
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