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Any good games come out since monster hunter? (Archived)
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Lmao, whatever Pachter says the opposite happens... (Archived)
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If Nintendo could wrangle together exclusivity with KH3, would they completely (Archived)
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should we donate money to microsoft because they helped the wii U sell? (Archived)ninsony1265/24/2013
I'm so glad Nintendo denied EA (Archived)NekoSushiRiot35/24/2013
Would you be happy if Nintendo restricted used sales to get third party support? (Archived)
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To those who own a Wii U on here. (Archived)
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Worth it to clear the village quests to fight Alatreon? (Archived)cabcalloway198325/24/2013
I think Nintendo not giving an E3 conference is going to be a huge mistake. (Archived)
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