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So if my 2006 Wii died over a year ago I can't transfer my stuff? (Archived)Cincy Kid911/23/2012
Can you download wii games on the wii u Eshop? (Archived)RykoLibre311/23/2012
Which system are you going to get multiplatform games for? (Archived)
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How much will Wii U sell in November? (Archived)CloudStrife630111/22/2012
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Looking to add some friends (Archived)xLexLuth0rx111/22/2012
What's the console's power consumption? (Archived)RahzarX311/22/2012
How do you take the screenshots in the game to post on Miiverse? (Archived)CloudStrife630411/22/2012
May not have total system sellers but... (Archived)ADHDguitar411/22/2012
Wii U not on par with Wii U, WHY NINTENDO WHY?! (Archived)
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so.. nintendo said teh wii u supports 2 controllers.. i got a second set (Archived)Kuebel33411/22/2012
I have a modded Wii, will it screw up the transfer of lthings to the Wii U (Archived)CaoNiMa69411/22/2012
COMPLETED a successful Wii-Wii U data transfer...couple of things to know (Archived)
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Can i get a straight answer... (Archived)
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What controller can you use with Virtual Console titles on Wii U? (Archived)swarmix1011/22/2012
You gotta hand it to nintendo for making good consoles (Archived)
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so, getting it tomorrow but my dillema is... (Archived)
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How responsive is the touch screen? (Archived)Chargrilled511/22/2012
Has anybody wiiu froze during the update? (Archived)
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