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So... Weren't we supposed to be able to play board games on the gamepad? (Archived)Darklight776611/26/2012
If Iwata retired as President, what Nintendo Leader would you want to fill in? (Archived)
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Has anyone had their console lock up yet (mid game)? (Archived)
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do you still think Reggie is credible? (Archived)
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Picked up a 32gb deluxe WIIU this weekend: Great system...bad gamesssssss (Archived)
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Can I use the Wii U gamepad to play Xenoblade Chronicles? (Archived)TheCyborgNinja411/26/2012
I'm sure Nintendo released the WiiU unfinished (Archived)Maninstagnate611/26/2012
Who here is playing these games side by side? (Archived)
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well updated the kids wii u all went good (Archived)TonyRodrigues76111/26/2012
Glad I found out about downloading the update in the background. (Archived)MyDogSkip311/26/2012
POLL: Which game would you shout out? (now updated with more games) (Poll)
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anybody have the icon screensaver on controller? (Archived)TonyRodrigues76211/26/2012
Wasn't Pikmin 3 supposed to launch with the Wii U? (Archived)
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