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Few questions about the Wii U. (Archived)Shigeru-Iwata1011/18/2012
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What games can be played exclusively on the gamepad? (Archived)staticxtreme5211/18/2012
Where do I download Virtual Console games? (Archived)choco man411/18/2012
sony fans be hatin every other fan be celebratin (Archived)
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Are they going to add all the games from the Wii eShop to the Wii U eShop? (Archived)NOM611/18/2012
Is it me or is the Wii U super slow? (Archived)Rev8691311/18/2012
Can i use the gamepad to play wii games? (Archived)Schwietz211/18/2012
Just sold my 32 gig on CL for 599.99 US dollars! (Archived)
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Anyone know the bluetooth pin of the Wii U Pro Controller? Or how to find it? (Archived)EbonMagician411/18/2012
when does the home button light come on (upad) (Archived)ThE MaSTeR 3811/18/2012
Other than zombieU what games are good to buy? (Archived)
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$50 eshop credit ? (Archived)
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ZombiU 4.5/10 from Gamespot (Archived)Nightmares_411/18/2012
I don't care what people say, this system is awful (Archived)Shadow_Mario01411/18/2012
Wondering If VC Classics will ever Just Come To The eShop (Archived)GhostDog90411/18/2012
Anyone get the Sonic Racing game? (Archived)LotionExplosion911/18/2012
how do i turn off the gamepad? (Archived)pokemonfan86811/18/2012
Notifications when a friend sends you a message. (Archived)CrzyTenor111/18/2012
What does the U in Wii U stand for? (Archived)
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